50 shades spankingWhile many of us have been on a knife’s edge wondering what delicious new Fifty Shades sex toys will be added to the Official Pleasure Collection, Sliquid, the award winning lubricant manufacturer, has announced that it has teamed up with E L James to develop the “Intimate Bedroom Essentials” – a collection of official 50 Shades sex lubes, lotions, toy cleaners and bath products. Just like the Shades of Grey sex toys and bondage gear, these adult products have been made with the story in mind, using the same style of naming that we’ve come to love from the Official Pleasure Collection.

So what can we expect when it comes to official 50 Shades sex lube? What will it look like? Will it come in that classic grey, blue and white packaging to coordinate with our other Shades of Grey toys? Where can we get it and how much will it cost? I’ve been in touch with Sliquid and will update the blog both here, and at our very-not-safe-for-work sister side Fifty Shades Playroom when I get additional details. For now – here’s what we are anticipating:

Ready For Anything — a personal moisturizer that is water based

At Ease — another water based lubricant, this time slightly thicker for sexual intercourse

Silky Caress – a “hybrid lubricant” that sounds like a water based lube that is thick enough to act like a silicone based lube – great for the  50 Shades anal toys that can’t be used with silicone based lubes

Sensual Touch Massage Oil –  a sweet almond oil, jojoba, shea butter and aloe vera massage oil

Come Alive – a stimulation gel for the clit

Sweet Sensation – a bath oil

Cleansing — a ‘portable’ sex toy cleaner

Soothe Me — an “after spanking cream”, which is a “a thick crème made using aloe vera, shea butter and other ingredients designed to comfort the skin following spanking”

So what do you think? Will you be picking up the Fifty Shades sex lubes and lotions? Keep your eyes here at Pleasure Collection when we will have the best ways for you to pick up the Official 50 Shades Intimate Bedroom Essentials collection!

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