50 Shades ben wa ballsThanks to Ana’s innocence and Christian’s Grey’s forward thinking, ben wa balls have become one of the most popular sex toys featured in the 50 Shades novels. Two innocent spheres, some with cords and some without, are inserted into the vagina for an intense sensory experience. But how do ben wa balls work? What makes the Fifty Shades ben wa balls different than your standard issue ones? And how do you get ben wa balls out if you are using the style without retrieval cords? The Pleasure Collection is here to answer your questions!

In a nutshell, ben wa balls (also known as love balls,pleasure balls and duotone balls) are a pair of spheres that are inserted into a woman’s vagina. For sexual stimulation, ben wa balls move around slightly, causing a woman’s inner muscles to contract around the balls. Some love the “full” feeling that ben wa balls can give, while others enjoy that slight feeling of movement. For a number of women, this is as much as they can handle. A few more adventurous women keep them in while having sex!

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Ben wa balls can also be used for exercising your more intimate areas. The pelvic floor muscles that ben wa balls stimulate inside the vagina are the same muscles that surround a penis during intercourse. Tightening these muscles through exercise can help create a tighter feeling. They also help with bladder control, as all these muscles are interconnected.

Before using your ben wa balls for the first time, it’s important to be sure that both the balls and your hands are thoroughly washed with soap and water. We also suggest you use the bathroom before you start your play session. Insert one ball at a time, using a bit of water based lubricant if you need the additional moisture. If you’ve ever inserted a non-applicator tampon, the process is quite the same. Once they are in, close your legs and tighten your body around the balls to set them in place. Most ladies start off by wearing their ben wa balls for only a few minutes at a time, increasing the duration as they become more used to them.

Most pleasure balls come in sets of two unconnected balls. These are the traditional style, but aren’t the preferred type for beginners. The 50 Shades ben wa balls are a slightly different style, with the two balls being connected by either a silicone shell or a retrieval cord. The 50 Shades love balls are as easy to remove as pulling out a tampon.

If you are using the unconnected love balls, there are two methods you can use to remove them. One is inserting a clean index and middle finger into your vagina, hooking them around the ball, and slowly pulling them out one at a time. Other women prefer to bear down with their PC muscles and push the balls out, similar to having a bowel movement. Most women use a combination of the two. Its important not to go into “panic mode” when trying to remove benwa balls. You can’t “lose” ben wa balls internally, as there is only one way in and out of that part of the anatomy. The more you relax, the further down the ben wa balls will descend, and the easier they will be to retrieve.

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