Fifty Shades TieThe famous 50 Shades tie…that image that we all have ingrained in our minds from reading the Fifty Shades novels. The Fifty Shades of Grey Soft Limits Deluxe Wrist Tie brings the soft grey silky feeling combined with a design meant for bondage.

These are as basic and beginner as bondage ties can get. No clips, no snaps, just a simple 53 inch satin tie that will allow you to use on a number of body parts in a number of places. This 50 Shades tie is great for tying up a wrist to a bedpost, an ankle to an office chair, or to bind your arms or legs together. It even makes a great make-shift mouth gag or blindfold. It looks so innocent and unassuming you won’t mind travelling with the 50 Shades tie, or even leaving it on the nightstand.

The Fifty Shades tie comes with its own storage bag, and would make the perfect gift for the Fifty Shades lover looking to start their bondage gear collection.


Comparison Angel’s Sex Toys Lovehoney UK Sh! Women’s Store
Price $21.63 $25.93 / £16.99 $25.94 / £17.00
Discounts Available 15% using code PLEASEME  N/A N/A 
Shipping Cost to USA  $7.00  FREE $19.84** 
Total Cost to USA $25.39*  $25.93 $45.78
Shipping Cost to UK N/A   FREE  FREE
Total Cost to UK N/A £16.99  £17.00

*Using the 15% off coupon code PLEASEME
**Multiple items are shipped for a single shipping cost of £13.00
Prices, conversion rates and discount codes were accurate as of April 08, 2013 and are subject to change. 

50 Shades of Grey Sex Toys

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