50 shades anal beadsTime to break those anal taboos with the Fifty Shades of Grey “Pleasure Intensified” Anal Beads. Unlike traditional anal beads that are a series of spheres connected with a cord, the 50 Shades anal beads are a single molded unit with increasingly larger bulges to simulate an anal bead experience without the worry of the cord breaking. They’re also great for beginner anal training as the ‘beads’ increase in size as you move down the toy. You can insert as many, or as few as you choose.

Made from flexible silicone, the 50 Shades anal beads are 10 inches long (with 7.25 inches of insertable length) and have a easy-to-use finger loop at the base for complete control. Easier to clean than traditional anal beads, the Fifty Shades anal beads can be washed off with a bath in warm soapy water. Be sure to use a water based anal lube with this toy, as silicone lube will break down the materials.

This isn’t just a sex toy for the ladies – the 50 Shades anal beads can be enjoyed by men as well. Just slip the toy in during your session, and feel your body tighten around them. Pull them out during climax for a toe curling experience like you’ve never had before.

Comparison Angel’s Sex Toys Lovehoney UK Sh! Women’s Store
Price $19.99 $22.91 / £14.99 $22.93 / £15.00
Discounts Available 15% using code PLEASEME  N/A N/A 
Shipping Cost to USA  $7.00  FREE $19.84** 
Total Cost to USA $23.99  $22.91 $42.77 
Shipping Cost to UK N/A  FREE  FREE
Total Cost to UK N/A £14.99  £15.00

*Using the 15% off coupon code PLEASEME
**Multiple items are shipped for a single shipping cost of £13.00
Prices, conversion rates and discount codes were accurate as of April 15, 2013 and are subject to change. 


50 Shades of Grey Sex Toys

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