50 Shades handcuffsNo kinky fuckery set is complete without 50 Shades handcuffs! Get the Official Pleasure Collection set with the Fifty Shades of Grey “You. Are. Mine.” Metal Handcuffs. You can literally lock your lover up and throw away the key, keeping them bound wherever the Dominant desires, but have the option of quick release with a trigger located on each cuff.

The 50 Shades handcuffs are made from metal, with a few touches 50 Shades fans will appreciate – the familiar inscription “You. Are. Mine” engraved on each cuff, along with the Fifty Shades logo near each keyhole. The Fifty Shades handcuffs come with a pair of keys and a gift bag for a great little pick-me-up gift for the Fifty Shades fan. These hand cuffs travel well, but we wouldn’t suggest keeping them in your carry on unless you are ready to see the face of the security agents!


Comparison Angel’s Sex Toys Lovehoney UK Sh! Women’s Store
Price $20.90 $22.93 / £14.99 $22.94 / £15.00
Discounts Available 15% using code PLEASEME  N/A N/A 
Shipping Cost to USA  $7.00  FREE $19.84** 
Total Cost to USA $24.77*  $22.93 $42.78
Shipping Cost to UK N/A  FREE  FREE
Total Cost to UK N/A £14.99  £15.00

*Using the 15% off coupon code PLEASEME
**Multiple items are shipped for a single shipping cost of £13.00
Prices, conversion rates and discount codes were accurate as of April 08, 2013 and are subject to change. 

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