50 Shades whipReady to start your impact toy collection, but don’t want something for advanced bondage enthusiasts? The Fifty Shades of Grey “Please Sir” Flogger is a mid-sized 50 Shades whip for those who wish that Christian Grey was their first Dom.

Unlike traditional whips which are a single strip of material similar to the stereotypical lion tamer, floggers are collections of strands of fabric attached to a single handle. The looped end of this Fifty Shades of Grey flogger makes storage a snap, whether you’re keeping it hidden away in your very own toy chest, or out on display in your home based dungeon.

Measuring just over 15 inches from the tip of the 48 faux leather throngs to the end of the black handle, it’s great for use as a travel flogger, or when up close targeting those more intimate areas. The Fifty Shades of Grey flogger comes with it’s own storage bag, it’ll go a long way in making your Fifty Shades bondage fantasies into realities.

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Price $28.20 $30.51 / £19.99 $30.52 / £20.00
Discounts Available 15% using code PLEASEME  N/A N/A 
Shipping Cost to USA  $7.00  FREE $19.84** 
Total Cost to USA $30.97*  $30.51 $50.36
Shipping Cost to UK N/A  FREE  FREE
Total Cost to UK N/A £19.99  £20.00

*Using the 15% off coupon code PLEASEME
**Multiple items are shipped for a single shipping cost of £13.00
Prices, conversion rates and discount codes were accurate as of April 08, 2013 and are subject to change. 


50 Shades of Grey Whip

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