50 shades massage oil“His hand flexes over my neck, and it’s slick with sweet-smelling oil, so his hand glides smoothly down my throat, across my clavicle, and up to my shoulder, his fingers kneading as they go.” – Anastasia Steele

Imagine laying on your belly, with Christian Grey’s strong hands massaging every knot of stress from your worn out shoulders. You can get one step closer to that very thing with the Fifty Shades of Grey ‘Sensual Touch’ Massage Oil. EL James has designed this 50 Shades massage oil to have Christian’s signature bergamot, sandalwood and musk. This Shades of Grey massage oil is great for both sexes to use, as it doesn’t have the typical “sweet floral” scent that you tend to find in many massage oils and creams.

The Fifty Shades of Grey ‘Sensual Touch’ Massage Oil is designed to be used externally, and should not be used as a sexual lubricant. This Shades of Grey massage oil comes in an easy to use 100ml flip top bottle, in the well known color combination of grey, blue and white.

Like the other items in the Sensual Care Collection, the Fifty Shades of Grey ‘Sensual Touch’ Massage Oil  is currently only available from a select few retailers in the UK, including Lovehoney. Thankfully, Lovehoney offer free shipping to a many countries all over the globe, including the US, Australia, New Zealand and many countries within the EU. If you are hoping to pick up the Sensual Care Collection soon, check out the offerings at Lovehoney. As soon as the Sensual Care Collection becomes available from other retailers, we will update this post so 50 Shades fans can get the best deals no matter where they live.

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