50 Shades of Grey Sex Lube

“‘Ana, you’re so wet,’ he murmurs against my body. Oh my.” – Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele

There are times when the basic water based sexual moisturizer isn’t enough, but a full on thick silicone lube is just a bit too much. For those who are looking for the ‘Goldilocks’ lube, the Fifty Shades of Grey ‘Silky Caress’ Lubricant hits that ‘just right’ spot.

At first glance, this lube look more like a lotion than a sex lubricant. The thicker formula is great for intimate massage, solo sessions with sex toys, or full on intercourse with your lover. Because this 50 shades lube is water based, it can be used with all the toys in the 50 Shades sex toy collection, including those made from silicone. The Shades of Grey lube is touch sensitive and conditioning to the skin, enhancing your love making to a totally fulfilling experience.

The Fifty Shades of Grey ‘Silky Caress’ Lubricant comes in a 100ml flip top bottle stylized in the same theme of grey, blue and white that follows the Shades of Grey book covers and the sex toys from the Official Pleasure Collection.

All of the items in the 50 Shades Sensual Care Collection are currently only available from UK based sex toy retailers like Lovehoney. Thankfully, they have free shipping to a number of countries around the world, so there’s little worry about having to pay more for your 50 Shades fix. As new retailers for the Sensual Care Collection come on board, we will update this post to be sure that you get the best deals on the 50 Shades sex toys and adult products, no matter where you live!

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