When the Sensual Care Collection of Fifty Shades sex lubes and lotions made their move to the USA, they brought a new friend along with them – the Fifty Shades of Gray Massage Candle. If you’ve never discovered massage candles before, you might look at this and think that it’s just another decorative item, this time with a 50 Shades twist. But – there is so much more to discover with the latest addition to the official line of Shades of Gray goodies.

Massage candles combine two erotic items, bringing out the best qualities in both. Unlike your standard play candle, when lit, the ‘wax’ in the Fifty Shades of Gray Massage Candle melts down into a hot massage oil. This liquid can be used in temperature play, just like you would with standard wax play candles. Or, you can use the included spoon to lay it onto the body and use as a warmed massage oil. The oil doesn’t solidify like standard candle wax does, leaving plenty of time to work into the body and massage away those sore muscles.

Your Shades of Grey massage candle comes in a close-able tin – great for those who want to store the bergamot, sandalwood and musk scented oil for another day’s use. You also get a small spoon that will help you drip the warmed massage oil onto the body. It comes in the familiar Fifty Shades branded box that coordinates with all the other items in the only collection of sex toys and pleasure products approved by EL James.

The Fifty Shades of Gray Massage Candle is currently available at Angel’s Sex Toys, where Pleasure Collection readers can save 15% off their order – including all the official Shades of Grey items – using the coupon code PLEASEME during checkout.

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